Al Dhafra Festival (17th edition)

Madinat Zayed - Al Dhafra

20 Jan 2024 - 08 Feb 2024

Million's Poet 11th Edition

Al Raha Beach Theater

01 Nov 2023 - 05 Mar 2024

"Our ancestors left us an important popular heritage and we are rightly proud of it and we preserve it and take it forward so it remains a treasure for the nation and the next generations"


Who We Are

The Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi was established following a decree issued by then General Secretariat of the Executive Council in Abu Dhabi on February 3, 2013.

The Committee’s aim is to strengthen national pride, loyalty, and unity by promoting authentic Emirati heritage. In addition, the committee’s activities serve to safeguard Abu Dhabi’s cultural legacy, convey the human and civilizational message of the UAE to different cultures around the world and raise the profile of the Emirati capital through various meetings, activities, and events.

By hosting festivals and cultural/heritage Programs, the Committee plays a key role in safeguarding and promoting heritage to younger generations, preserving the country’s historical legacy, and strengthening national identity.

Festivals and championships organized since 2013

Million dirhams annually in rewards

Poets and performers participated in the Cultural programs

500 +
Publications from Shawati and Poetry Academy

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