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Arabian Saluki Traditional Race Championship - AlDhafrah Festival 2016

Arabian Saluki Traditional Race Championship – will take part of the Al Dhafrah Festival 2016, the race will be in the camel race track –madinat Zayed – AlGharbiyah –Abu Dhabi . On 24th December 2016 (6 Pre Races -2000mtr-) (males 3 races-Females 3 races) on 28th December 2016(final Race-2000mtr) 2 race (male-Female) ,will start around 3 noon time .the  Race one of it  kind in the UAE.  


The festival gives owners of Arabian pure-bred Salukis the opportunity to test the hunting capabilities of their hounds in a traditional, natural desert setting. In-line with UAE law that prohibits hunting across the country, Salukis will be running after an artificial gazelle.that will be moved with the car . Winners will be rewarded in cash and other valuable prizes.


Hamad AlGhanem, Chief Committee of the Race said: “I am delighted to organise the Arabian Saluki Traditional Race Championship as this gives us the opportunity to highlight the beauty and incredible of speed in chase for this breed. For the two types (smooth, feathered) males, Females.


Hunting with Salukis has a long tradition in the Arabian Peninsula and is deeply rooted in Bedouin culture and heritage. The festival aims to create awareness for traditional values and ethics of Bedouin life and to preserve and celebrate the Saluki breed in its homeland.”


Saluki owners based in the UAE and GCC countries are requested to register their Saluki prior to the festival


Only pure-bred Arabian Salukis are eligible to enter the races. will not allowed the one who been Ears cutes buy others . Salukis must be physically fit and show a normal social behavior , Registration and participation is free of charge. Deadline for registration is December 23rd, 2016. Owners can register via sending sms on phone +971 50 9121266 or send email:


Prizes for the winners: Final-Race . Car 4x4 winners ( first Male& First Female )


Cash Prize 2nd-3rd-4th-5th


Hamad AlGhanem, commits itself to both the preservation of the pure breed Arabian Saluki and the traditional way of the Arabian Hunting as an essential part of Cultural Heritage. Arabian Salukis are one of the world’s oldest breeds; history shows that they can be traced back almost 13,000 years. Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, these desert hounds, which are known for their exceptional stamina, intelligence and loyalty, were bred to assist man in chasing prey and catching it in the harsh desert climate. Arabian Salukis are highly prized by the Bedouins not only for the hunting purpose, but as a companion and a member of the family.