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Al Dhafra Festival 2016 –Madinat Zayed City-Western Region- To Organise Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest Championship

AlDhafra Festival, today announced to organise the Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest Championship’ scheduled to be held during this year’s Al Dhafra Festival. The Championship will take place on 16th , and 17th December 2016  in the madinat Zayed city, Western Region.

Hamad AlGhanem, Consultant at Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi, Head of Committee for Arabian Saluki Beauty Contests & Traditional Races, said: “I am pleased to organise the  Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest Championship Following the astounding success of the Al Dhafra Festival, the contest is now established as a regional get-together for Saluki lovers and owners from all over the UAE as well as other GCC countries. Approximately 100 Saluki owners have registered their hounds to participate in the past years.


The Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest Championship gives Saluki owners an opportunity to showcase their precious hounds – both smooth and feathered – on an international show level. The contest will be judged by International Show Judge: Mrs. Cathy Smith and Mr.Tony Smith from The Saluki Club of Australia (CATANOM)


All participating Salukis will be judged upon the characteristics of the standard of the breed (head; structure; general appearance; gait and movement; and overall impression). Unlike other dog shows, we do not only judge on the standards of the breed, but assess the Saluki’s predominant purpose, i.e. is the hound used for hunting, chasing and guarding. Additionally, Salukis are judged on their mental condition, i.e. is the hound brave, dominant etc...



Valuable prizes of cash money, medals, and trophies will be given to the winners of the following classes: Best in Show, second in Show, Third in Show and Oldest in Show; Smooth and Feathered; light colour (white, sandy, red); dark colour (brown, grey, black). All participants will receive certificates for their participation.


AlGhanem is committed to both the preservation of the pure breed Arabian Saluki and the traditional way of the Arabian Hunting as an integral part of Cultural Heritage.

AlGhanem continued: “The show gives us the opportunity to highlight not only the incredible characteristics of the breed itself, but to further create public awareness in our proud Cultural Heritage, especially for the younger generations.

 Throughout the times and the changing generations, the traditional values and ethics of Bedouins are being forgotten and it is our duty to preserve and celebrate them for future generations.” The show gives us the opportunity to highlight not only the incredible characteristics of the breed itself, but to further create public awareness for our much loved Cultural Heritage, especially among the younger generations.”


All Saluki owners based in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries are requested to register their Arabian Saluki as per Rules & Conditions :. 


Only pure breed Arabian Salukis ( Smooth & Feathered) are eligible to enter the contest (male or female ) any colors .

Salukis must be at least 1 year old to be eligible to enter

Each participant can enter a maximum of Four Salukis

The Saluki must be free of diseases and have a completed vaccination record

Each Saluki must carry a microchip for identification purposes

Participating Salukis must be physically fit and show a normal social behavior

Required Registrationinformation:

  Saluki Information: name/age/type/Sex/color/microchip No.

Owner Information: name/ of handler/ phone no./address/ country     

The contestfor the  smooth type ( male-female-all colors) December  16th  2016

Registration on 2 pm

The contestfor the  Feathered type ( male-female-all colors) December 17th  2016

Registration on 2 pm

Prizes for the winners :

Best in Show two type and two colors, Second in show, Third in show. .( Cash Prize)

Honoring the Oldest in show the two type and two colors

Arabian Saluki Rating of Characteristics*


Smooth Saluki (Male-Female) – Two Colors (light-Dark)

Light Color (White-Sandy-Red) Dark Color (Brown-Grey-Black)


Feathered Saluki (Male-Female) Two Colors (light-Dark)

Light Color (White-Sandy-Red) Dark Color (Brown-Grey-Black)


   -Head ( Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth, Teeth, Jaws) 

           -Structure ( Neck, shoulders, Chest, Topline, Tail )

-General Appearance ( Coat, Colour, Size )

       -Gait & Movement( Forelegs, Hind legs& Feet )

-Overall Impression ) Temperament)