Marzoom Falconry Reserve

Hunting the way it was in the first place


Only a hour drive away from Abu Dhabi lies the Marzoom reserve in the heart of Gharbiya region, a magnificent natural sanctuary that is now open to offer the traditional falconers an unmatched experience. The initiative which is unprecedented worldwide, guarantees first and foremost the sustainability of wild life and the respect of nature while allowing a pleasurable and completely legal hunting experience inside the UAE.


For years, Abu Dhabi has been enforcing very strict rules for hunting. It had also established the notion of seasonality for this practice that is considered one of the main elements of national heritage.
The Marzoum experience is all about allowing citizens and falconry lovers from around the world to hunt while providing them with sustainably bred preys like the notorious  Hubara bird, and a memorable stay in the desert camps nestled in the middle of the charming environment. The fees paid in return of this unique lifestyle experience are used to support the conservation programs.
Wise elderly people in the United Arab Emirates often say that some things in life are not supposed to change. This is what hunting in Marzoum is, just the way it has been in the first place, and just how nature wants it to be.