The Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi was formed following a decree issued by the General Secretariat of the Executive Council in Abu Dhabi on the 3rd of February, 2013.


The vision and strategy of the Committee aim at strengthening the sense of loyalty and belonging through the practice of the authentic Emirati heritage. The Committee also works toward the reinforcement of traditional values, notably allegiance and loyalty to the nation and the leadership.


All the activities of the Committee serve the cultural strategy of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates and contribute to the safeguard of the cultural legacy. The Committee seeks to convey the civilisational and human message of the UAE to the different cultures and peoples of the world.


It also works towards raising the status of the Emirati capital, through promoting the different activities, and events organised and hosted by Abu Dhabi. The Committee manages many festivals as well as cultural and heritage programs that play a key role in the safeguard of heritage and its promotion so as to encourage its practice by younger generations. Among these programmes are: the Million›s Poet, the Prince of Poets, the heritage and cultural program «Al Shara», the Liwa Date Festival, Al Dhafra Festival, the Baynounah Camel Mazayna, the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX), the International Festival of Falconry, Al Gharbia Watersports Festival, the National Day Celebrations, the Abu Dhabi Poetry Academy, Baynounah TV, the Abu Dhabi Folklore Group, the Million›s Poet Magazine, the Shawati’ Magazine, the New York Film Academy, and any other assigned programme, festival,  heritage event or cultural activity.