Arts Workshop - Al Dhafra Festival

Art Workshops

UPC Cycling
A Mixed Media Workshop
By:Jalal Luqman

UP cycling is a workshop that does not follow the normal trend of any other art workshop. the tools and media used varies from those of normal workshops

Up Cycle is a process that takes the participant through the process of using new and recycled items to be put together to create an artwork that holds rich artistic value

Painting Workshop
By:Khalil Abdulwahid

The basics of perspective drawing for beginners And Drawing light and shadows for beginners The workshops will focus on how to draw the basic elements of the perspective then will continue to know how to draw shadow of an object

Culture art to meet fashion world
A Khaleeji Fashion workshop
By: Feryal Al Bastaki

‭ ‬1. Thehban (Gold) collection

In this section, we will have our collection inspired by Arab rich gold jewelery, our model will wear those and our designer would instruct them to stylize and accessorize in different ways. This section would contain a set of our art pieces from our designs.

‭ 2. Dip Dyed fabrics

In this section, we will display our signature dip dyed fabrics created in our factory, we will be keeping color activities to engage our audience. Activities will be instructed and then will be held within audience for winners.

‭ ‬3. Digital prints

Last few minutes will be saved for audience to take photographs with our designer and models and team members in front of our digital backdrop, and to make our model do a little walk to showcase our collection pieces.

Arabian Gulf Cuisine Workshop By: Talal Al Rashid

Gulf region food The workshop will give an insight to the participants of the cuisines of the Arabian gulf coast region with focus on historical formation of the cuisines, the influences and the ingredients and how they changed throughout the modern time into the current culinary bonanza we are seeing in .the gulf capitals‭

‭Arabic Calligraphy Workshop – By: Fatma Yasin

An introduction to Arabic calligraphy and its types:
– What makes an Arabic font special
– An introduction to Arabic calligraphy classic tools
– Create your own tools
– The main principals in Arabic calligraphy
– Letters characteristics
– Letters exercise
– Words exercise
– Making of a calligraphy template

Art Piece Description – By: Matar Bin Lahij ‬

The art piece designed by artist Mattar Bin Lahej, is inspired from the old traditional transportation such as boats and camel

The artwork will be swinging slowly like the said transport ways. It is going to be a place to relax.
Butting all the art pieces near each other has a meaning, which is reflecting the old social cohesion.
Medium: Wood-metal-rob-fabric and sponge
Demountable structures