The Heritage Camel Race

The Heritage Camel Race is considered as one of the most popular events of the Festival. The objective behind the organisation of this race is to preserve and promote Emirati heritage through the activities of Al Dhafra Festival, which was able to grab a high position as the most important regional Festival specialised in camels. The Camel Race is characterised by a lot of excitement and thrill, as well as the heavy presence of those who love this sport, including citizens, brothers from the Gulf Cooperation Council and tourists.

The race consists of 6 laps for the UAE nationals and is subject to a set of terms and conditions.

Registration and Medical Examination: 23 – 24 /12 / 2015
Preparation and Entry: 14:00
Beginning of the Race: Friday, 25/12/2015

Conditions for Participation in the Heritage Camel Race

The participant must be 21 years old or more.

The participant should be physically fit.

The participant must present his original passport or ID card when registering.

The participant must submit two photos when registering.

Each participant should wear protection and a helmetduring the race.

In case of any fraud or manipulation noted by the Committee, the participant will be excluded from the
race and have no right to appeal the decision.

The participant must approve and commit to the rulesof the competition.

Anyone who violates these instructions exposes himself to legal proceedings.

Race Distance :

Age from 21 to 30 years old, 3 km – 2 laps.

Age from 31 to 40 years old, 2 km – 1 lap.

Age from 41 to 49 years old, 2 km – 1 lap.

Age 50 and more, 1,200 km – 2 laps.

For more information, Please Call Mr. Tayeb 0502333045 or Mr. Anbar 0502333046.