Heritage Market

Al Dhafra Heritage Market is located near the main platform of Jamal Al Mazeina with a total area of ​​48 thousand square meters. Most of the Al Dhafra Festival events are held in one main venue that allows tourists and visitors to discover and enjoy various events and competitions with great ease.

In the market, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the art of sadu (the art of knitting cotton and wool), tali (distinctive embroidery), khaws (weaving from palm leaves), henna, and others. In addition to serving different types of popular Emirati food.

It includes more than 200 Emirati women's shops displaying traditional crafts that dazzled all visitors and participants in the first seven editions of the Al Dhafra Festival, reflecting the spirit of the desert and the Arab Bedouin culture.

Through the Al Dhafra Heritage Market, the committee aspires to preserve and promote Emirati handicrafts to ensure their long-term survival. The committee also hopes to meet the needs of the Al Dhafra region for high-quality cultural products, as the market plays a major role in raising and enhancing the status of Emirati handicrafts.