Best Dates

Dates are an essential part of the cultural and civilisational heritage of the UAE, and they constitute a cornerstone in the history of the Western Region, which is abound with the nest varieties of palm trees.

The Organising Committee speci ed four varieties of dates for participation in the Dates Mazayna, namely Dabbas, Fara’d, Khalas, and Shishi. The Committee also set a number of terms and conditions for participation in the Best Dates, and Dates packaging competitions.

Dates Specification 

One participation cannot contain more than one variety per package

Dates must be free from insect infestation, free from dead insects, theireggs, worms or leftovers.

Dates must be free from any apparent imperfections.

Dates must have no smell or unusual smell or taste, with no metal orsand impurities (scratch, sunburn and black spots)

Dates must be of appropriate and acceptable size.

The product should not contain unripe fruits.

The product must be free from pesticide residues and chemicalfertilizers (the winning entries will be checked in a laboratory).

Conditions and Terms 

The dates must be from the local production of the United Arab Emirates.

The dates must be from the production of the 2015 season.

Half-ripe dates are not accepted in the competition.

The production must be from the farm owned by the participant.

The Participant must bring his agricultural land ownership documentsfor registration.

The weight of the product should not be less than 5 kg.

Dates must be provided in Mukhrafa (a basket made of palm leaves).

Everyone is entitled to participate in only one competition, not countingthe Dates Packaging competition.

The jury’s decisions are nal and not subject to objections.For more information, please call Mr. Nasser: 0506150022