Arena Events

Over the three days of the festival, watch falconers as they perform to display the skills of their birds of prey while wearing bright-coloured traditional costumes. Make sure you don’t miss the Grand Parade of Nations.



National Camps

Inside the national tents of the falconers, who come from 80 countries, visitors will discover a multicultural fair, with different nationalities and languages all united by a common passion, that of falconry.


International Initiatives

In distinctive areas, a number of falconry-related initiatives are on display. Walk around the Heritage Exhibit, the Conservation of Raptors Exhibit, the Conservation of Prey Exhibit, the Rehabilitation Exhibit and much more.


UAE Pavillion

The UAE Pavilion is a wonderful place where visitors can learn about the different state initiatives that are related to the heritage of falconry. Look out for the performances by Emirati folklore groups and enjoy the Ayyala (a traditional Emirati dance) in the vicinity of the UAE pavilion.


Arabian Falconry Pavillion

Enjoy Arabic coffee, and watch falcons and Saluki at a special section at the heart of the Festival, where falconers from the Arab Gulf region gather to welcome visitors. Young visitors can enjoy exciting stories about the Arab saluki and the houbara



The Souq is located at the entrance of the Festival and is open for all visitors. Visitors can find falconry-related crafts, handmade products and special souvenirs from all over the world.


Arts & Photography Exhibits

The Falconry Art Marquee displays a stunning collection of falconry artworks from all over the world. Enjoy the photographs that capture the intimate moments of the birds that were taken by skilled photographers at the Falconry Photographic Exhibition.