The Family program includes three days of educational and entertainment activities for all ages. Learn about the different types of falcons and birds of prey, and the prey that they feed on. Follow the maps for falcon and houbara migration. Play with your friends the super migration game. Participate in workshops and create a mask of your own falcon, or model the birds using clay. Participate in various competitions, and listen to interesting stories about falcons. Go on a walk at the different sites of the Festival and enjoy the exciting activities. Get your own falconer passport, and a treasure map, and then go on a trip with your friends around the tents of different countries. Stamp your passport as you visit these countries, and answer the questions which are specific to each country to get a gift at the end of the trip.

Be a Falconer

It’s your chance to become a falconer for one day, don’t miss it! Meet your friend, Shaheen the falcon (peregrine falcon), take pictures, and get to know the bird more closely


At the Storyteller Corner, enjoy exciting stories and discover wonderful tales about the Saluki and Houbara.

My Friend Habbour

Habbour was once in danger, but now he is protected. Come and see how the UAE is taking care of the Habbour.

Play and Learn

We Can Always Learn and Have Fun at the Same Time

Falconry Art Time

Set Free Your Artistic Side at These Falconry-Inspired Workshops

Falconry ABC

Let’s learn all about falconry

More About Falconry

There’s always more to learn about falconry.

It's Showtime

Animated film, live shows, day-long competitions at the Presentation Screen.