Model Farm

A recently formed competition, the Model Farm Award has been created to honour and support the most hygienic farms in Liwa. The registration for participation should take place on the first day of the festival, and the results will be announced on the last day. More than 100 farms from Liwa are expected to compete at the new edition of the award.

The competition boasts AED 500,000 worth of prizes. The jury will select five farms from the eastern section of Liwa and another five farms from the western section of the city. The winner of the top position at each section will receive AED 100,000 for his model farm. The rest of the prizes will be awarded as follows: AED 60,000 for the second position, AED 40,000 for the third position, AED 30,000 for the fourth position, and AED 20,000 for the fifth position, in addition to trophies. The Model Farm Award was created to encourage farmers to improve the quality of the product, to maintain excellent hygiene at the farm, to restore old buildings at the property, and to preserve the quality of the soil and used materials.