Fruit Basket

The Fruit Basket Competition was created to provide an opportunity for tourists and local visitors to discover local Emirati agricultural production. The competition includes different varieties of fruits that are locally produced and originating from the garden or the farm owned by the participant.

The unique and pioneering competition aims at encouraging farmers to care for the local fruit production, and maintain this type of agriculture. The competition also comes as part of the efforts made by the organising committee of the festival to improve the quality of the local fruit production. The total value of the prizes for this new competition reaches AED 100,000 (AED 50,000 for the top winner, AED 30,000 for the winner of the 2nd position, and AED 20,000 for the winner of the 3rd position).


Fruit Basket Competition


The General Terms and Conditions for Fruits of the House Competition


- The fruits must be from the Emirati local production of 2016.

- The basket of fruits submitted by the participant must be from the production of his own farm or estate.

- The participant must provide ownership documents of the farm or the estate during registration and participation.

- The judging panel will survey and inspect all farms and estates that will secure top positions in the competitions.



Specifications and Norms for Fruits of the House Competition


- The fruits must be locally produced and from the harvest of the 2016 season.

- A single participation cannot include less than 5 varieties or more.

- The product must be free from infections.

- The product must be free of apparent flaws.

- The product must be of a suitable and acceptable size.

- Any unripe fruits will not be accepted.

- The submitted product must be provided in Mukhrafa.

- The weight of the product should not be less than 10kg.

- All participants are called to accept and respect the judging panel’s decisions.