Best Lemons

General Terms and Conditions


- Mangoes and lemons must be from the Emirati local production of 2016.

- Mangoes and lemons must be from the production of the participant’s farm or home.

- The participant must provide the ownership documents of the farm or the home when registering and when participating.

- Each participant will be allowed to take part in two categories only.

- The jury will survey and inspect all farms and houses that will secure top positions in the competitions.


Mangoes and Lemons’ Specifications and Competition Norms


- The mango and lemon must be locally produced and from the harvest of the 2016 season.

- A single participation cannot include more than one variety in the single variety categories.

- The product must be of free from infections.

- The product must be free apparent flaws.

- The product must be of a suitable and acceptable size.

- Any unripe fruits will not be accepted.

- The submitted product must be provided in Mukhrafa (a basket made of palm leaves).

- Each participant should submit a 10kg product.

- All participants are called to accept and respect the judging panel’s decisions.


Categories of the ‘Best Mangoes’ and ‘Best Lemons’ Competition


Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 winners at the following categories of the Competition:

• The local mango

• The diverse mango (all varieties are


• The local lemon

• The diverse lemon (all varieties