Instagram Competition - Liwa Dates Festival

Yes, you may use your smart phone and participate with us in the Liwa Date Festival Photography Competition on Instagram.


Themes of the Competition

- Nature in Liwa (sand dunes, oases, palm trees)

- Heritage sites in Liwa

- Liwa Date Festival

(Market, heritage, handicrafts…)


Competition Steps

- Follow us on Instagram @turathuna_ae.

- Submit each photo with the full name of the photographer, the subject of participation,

and a caption.

- Use the hashtag:

#follow_turathuna & #LiwaDatesFestival #follow_turathuna_name of the photographer_subject_caption.

Example to follow: #LiwaDatesFestival #follow_turathuna Ali_Ahmad_Handicrafts_Sadu.

- Each participant must tag the account @turathuna_ae.

- The winners will be notified via Instagram (private message sent to their accounts), so

do please make sure you follow us on @turathuna_ae.


- Last deadline for participation is the 30th of July, 2016


Rules and Instructions

- Used devices: Photos should only be taken using a mobile phone camera. Any photos shot with digital or professional cameras will not be accepted. Only the adjustment of colours via the phone application Instagram is allowed.

- Winning possibilities depend on the recommendations of the jury.

- The organising committee of the competition can reject any photo that is not relevant to the theme.

- The submitted photo must be taken by the participant himself, and should not be owned by any other person or taken from any other source. The participant bears all responsibilities, in this context, as the committee does not accept any responsibility or liability.